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Paramount Wellness Center’s Opioid Recovery Program

If you’re ready to recover from your opioid addiction, Paramount is here for you with a customized program and empathetic care. Find the right recovery and learn about our comprehensive services. You deserve healing; let’s start today.

Healing From Opioid Addiction Begins Today

Opioids are powerful and highly addictive drugs that can have serious risks to a person’s physical and mental health. Some of the potential risks associated with opioid use include addiction, death from an overdose, organ damage, depression, and psychological problems. Additionally, opioid abuse can negatively affect a person’s relationships and make it difficult to function in life.

Here at Paramount, we are dedicated to aiding you in reclaiming your life as you recover from opioid addiction. Our compassionate team is ready and eager to provide stellar, evidence-based care as you embark upon this new start toward healing and set goals for a bright future.

Changing The Way You Navigate Opioid Recovery

We use a combination of therapy approaches to discover what drives your addiction with a Twelve-Step Program for accountability and a sense of companionship. Our treatment regimen is unparalleled in its effectiveness in residential and outpatient programs. This game-changing approach enables us to empower our clients as they start a life free from substance use.

We understand that each individual has a unique set of needs and circumstances.  That’s why we provide an extensive list of treatment options like outpatient services, inpatient care, and medically supervised detoxification to ensure every person finds a plan tailored to their needs.

 Are You or A Family Member Dealing
With Opioid Addiction?

When talking to your family member, it is important to explain why you are worried while emphasizing how much you care and how proud you are of them for taking the first steps towards recovery by having this conversation with you at all.

You can also recommend them to further resources such as Paramount Wellness Center in Connecticut for opioid addiction recovery, and remind them that they aren’t on this journey alone.

Family members actively engaging is essential to a healthy recovery, and can be done through family therapy sessions where family members learn more about the history of the addiction and how to best support their loved one.

Commonly Asked Questions About Opioid Addiction:

Impact of Opioids On The Brain
Opioids can rapidly affect the brain and body. When opioids interact with opioid receptors in the brain, they can create a flood of dopamine that causes feelings of pleasure, euphoria, and relaxation.

In the short term, opioids can cause drowsiness, slowed breathing, and impaired mental functioning. The longer an individual uses opioids, the harder it becomes for them to stop using.

Recognizing An Opioid Addiction
Red flags for opioid addiction include:

  • Sudden changes in mood and behavior
  • Constricted(pinpoint) pupils
  • Slurred speech and difficulty concentrating
  • Unusual sweating and shaking
  • Withdrawal from friends, family, work, and/or school
  • Visible injection sites

We Give Individuals Suffering From Opioid Addiction A Chance At Recovery
At Paramount, we understand that addiction is a medical condition and are committed to providing evidence-based treatments tailored to those fighting opioid addictions. Our goal isn’t simply to improve our client’s physical well-being but also their mental and emotional well-being, so they can live life with joy.

Opioid Detoxification
Paramount offers medically supervised detoxification with 24-hour medical supervision. We know that opioid withdrawal symptoms can be severe and even life-threatening, and that’s why we make sure a team of medical professionals is always with you so you can detox with peace of mind.

Resilient Recovery
Paramount is devoted to helping you form the strong, long-lasting skills required for a successful recovery from opioid addiction. Our team is dedicated to your sobriety and provides an array of services such as outpatient post-care programs, rehabilitation support groups, and individualized directed sessions. With our commitment and expertise in accompaniment, we are here to help foster a more resilient road toward lasting recovery.

3 Tips For Opioid Addiction Recovery

  1. Develop a Plan: After receiving help from an addiction treatment program, it is important to create a plan for long-term recovery.
  2. Create A Sober Support System: Enlisting support from peers who understand what you’re going through
  3. Take Care of Your Mental Health: Address any underlying mental health issues

Begin Your Path To Freedom Today

Are you ready to take back agency over your own life? Contact us today at Paramount and let’s begin your path towards recovery.

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