Meth Addiction Care & Recovery In Connecticut | Paramount Wellness Retreat
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Paramount Wellness Center Methamphetamine Recovery Program

You may know that you can become addicted to methamphetamine, or meth, with just one use. However, recovery from meth addiction is also very possible with the right help. That’s where Paramount Wellness Center comes in with a comprehensive, personalized plan and compassionate, highly-trained staff here to help you on the road to healing. You deserve to lead a full life, free of addiction. Learn more about how Paramount can help you.

You Life Begins When You Commit to Meth Addiction Recovery

Methamphetamine is a very addictive drug, known for inducing feelings of euphoria and extreme awakeness in the user. Long-term addiction is a big risk with meth, as well as anxiety, large mood swings, and hallucinations.

Our team is committed to helping you get a life free of addiction by setting attainable goals and taking each day as it comes. In the hands of our capable medical staff and the supportive environment at Paramount, addiction recovery from meth is possible for you.

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An Innovative Approach to Recovery

Our medical team has designed a unique program that consists of :

2 evidence-based therapy
approaches that help you
discover the root cause of
your addiction

Yoga, meditation,
and art therapy

A twelve-step program to
foster a sense of community
and accountability

Our treatment regimen is remarkably powerful in our inpatient and outpatient programs, helping put our clients on a path to future success.

Paramount also provides a multitude of treatment options so that patients can pick what best suits their lifestyle, including:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Medically supervised detoxification
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An Innovative Approach to Recovery

If you approach a loved one about your concerns around a potential meth addiction, remember a few important tips:

  • Speak with compassion
  • Emphasize how much you care about them
  • Provide them with resources if they choose to get help, such as the professionals at
  • Paramount Wellness Center
  • Express that you are here to support them

Loved ones are an important piece in addiction recovery. Figuring out the best ways to provide support to a family member or friend dealing with meth addiction is going to take some time. Family therapy and support groups can help ease the transition.

Meth Addiction Recovery Questions Everyone Asks:

What Are The Effects Of Meth?
Meth affects the brain by causing it to release large amounts of dopamine, one of the “feel-good” neurotransmitters. The effect of dopamine is the feeling of euphoria. Once the meth is no longer affecting the brain, the user experiences an extreme “low” in their mood that is hard to come back from without using meth again.

Long-term meth use can cause anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, confusion, delayed reflexes, and schizophrenia-like symptoms that won’t clear up until an individual stops using it.

How To Recognize Meth Addiction
Signs that you or a loved one may be experiencing a meth addiction include:

Huge mood swings

Lack of effectiveness in work/
difficulty getting work done


Trouble sleeping

Another Chance for Those Dealing With Meth Addiction
At Paramount, we know that meth addiction is a disease and that’s how we treat it. We commit to treating your addiction holistically in an evidence-based approach that takes who you are into consideration. Our treatments are designed to improve your quality of life in every way.

Meth Detoxification: What to Expect
Medically supervised detoxification with 24-hour medical supervision is our standard at Paramount. With the awareness that meth withdrawal symptoms are not pleasant for the person detoxifying, our team of trained professionals is with you around the clock to make the process as painless as it can be.

Tools For Life
Strength and patience are required for a successful recovery from meth addiction, and we equip you with coping tools meant to empower you to succeed in the world outside of our Connecticut treatment center. We provide continued care beyond your stay with us and commit to supporting you on your journey beyond Paramount to make your transition back into the world as easy as possible.

 3 Suggestions For A More Easeful Meth Addiction Recovery

  1. Find An Artistic Outlet: Journaling, drawing, or photography are all examples of ways you can express how you’re feeling and connect with yourself and the world around you
  2. Prioritize Yourself: You have to watch out for your own best interests on the path to recovery
  3. Nurture Supportive Friendships: Maintain relationships with people who support your journey

Start Your Transformational Journey Today

Are you excited about living life to the fullest again? Contact us today at Paramount to discuss how we can help you achieve a life free of addiction.

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