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Ketamine, also known as “Special K,” is a dissociative anesthetic drug that is typically used in veterinary medicine.

However, it has gained popularity as a recreational drug due to its hallucinogenic effects. It can be taken orally, snorted, or injected, and the effects can last from 30 minutes to several hours.

While ketamine has some legitimate medical uses, its recreational use can have hazardous consequences.

While ketamine has some legitimate medical uses, its recreational use can have hazardous consequences.

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Here are some of the hazards of ketamine abuse:


Addiction: Ketamine has a high potential for addiction, and repeated use can lead to tolerance and dependence. Users may experience cravings for the drug, and withdrawal symptoms can be severe.



Physical Hazards: Ketamine can cause significant damage to the body. This includes damage to the bladder, kidneys, and liver. Regular use can also lead to severe and irreversible urinary tract problems, including inflammation and ulceration of the bladder.



Psychiatric Hazards: Ketamine can cause long-lasting effects on the user’s mental health. Prolonged use increases the likelihood of the development of depression, anxiety, and even psychosis. It can also cause memory loss, making it difficult for users to perform day-to-day activities.



Risk of Overdose: Ketamine is an extremely potent drug, and the effects can vary from person to person. The risk of overdose is high, especially when taken in large doses or combined with other drugs.



Impaired Judgment: Ketamine can impair the user’s judgment and coordination, making it difficult to perform daily tasks safely. Driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence of ketamine is extremely dangerous.

If you or a loved one is struggling with ketamine addiction, seeking professional help is crucial. At Paramount Wellness Retreat, our rehabilitation campus offers evidence-based treatment programs, including detoxification, counseling, and therapy, to help individuals overcome their addictions and achieve lasting recovery.

Remember, addiction is a disease, and seeking help is not a sign of weakness. Our team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way.

For leading recovery care and more seek out the help of Paramount Wellness And Recovery today!

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