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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol abuse is commonplace.

Alcohol abuse is commonplace. This is because its consumption is widespread throughout our culture. A person’s relationship with alcohol is something that develops over time and circumstance: it can escalate into a dependency rapidly or gradually. If left untreated, Alcohol Use Disorder can have significant health repercussions, which can be lethal.

Why Alcohol Addiction Develops

Whether at parties and social events, after-work gatherings, or bars and restaurants, you’ll find that individuals and groups partake of alcohol. The problem is when we become dependent or addicted to alcohol.

Often, family dynamics are directly involved in why and how alcohol is consumed. There may be a family history of alcoholism. “Family of Origin” dysfunction shapes behavior towards (and with) alcoholic beverages in patterns that unfold over generations.

These have been studied extensively. We are now able to detect and analyze how, when and why these patterns emerge.

We observe when certain “roles” play out in families: codependency and enmeshment are terms that define such phenomena that occur. The character type of “the victim”, “the rescuer”, and the cycles of needing to save or be saved are encountered with predictable frequency.

The good news is that we know how to “short circuit” these patterns with precise and selective methods of therapy and carework.

How Alcohol Abuse is Treated

The first step towards recovery from Alcohol Abuse Disorder is acknowledging that there is a problem. The second step is the next step of the rest of your life. It will challenge you. It will hurt. All growth does. And we all do grow. And we must. Together.

What this involves is removing alcohol from our lives, and replacing it with greater purpose. Alcohol withdrawal is something that is experienced at this part of our journey. We offer best in class medically supervised detoxification services to make sure that this is done in safety and by minimizing discomfort.

There are multiple medications that exist specifically for this process, including Naltrexone. It is chemically engineered to minimize cravings and any discomfort experienced.

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